The Modern Kitchen

kitchen-modernThe real estate world is an ever-evolving industry, with homebuyers often driving the change. Kitchens have been a frequent source of buyer fixation as they have transitioned from a place for food prep to a gathering place for family and friends. Along with functionality, buyers want an attractive space they will enjoy even when the chef is off-duty.

There are also certain kitchen appliances that can make a kitchen more appealing to potential buyers, so the savvy real estate professional would be wise to point out these amenities the moment you walk into the room. It might just mean an instant sale.

Where Is The Refrigerator?

A camouflaged refrigerator is actually a sign of a well-integrated design. Using a cabinetry-like finish on the fridge creates a cohesive appearance as you walk in the room. That white monstrosity that clicks and hums no longer exists in the modern kitchen. Buyers appreciate this aesthetic and gravitate toward it.

Small Appliance Cove

Toasters, blenders, juicers and food processors all have their critical uses in the kitchen but can quickly clutter a granite countertop. Call attention to small appliances space, whether it’s closed off with folding doors or carved out of the wall. Demonstrate the easy access while noting that unsightly appliances stay concealed when not in use. This process provides buyers with a scenario for their daily kitchen routine, effectively visualizing the sale.

Your Own Coffeehouse

Another selling point is a built-in espresso or coffee machine concealed within the cabinets. With an integrated grinder, brewer and piping, this appliance is a hit with coffee lovers. Turn the unit on to show its functionality and offer some fresh coffee while you discuss the property. Creating a comfortable feeling during the sales pitch helps buyers feel more at home—your ultimate goal.

Easy Cooktops

Stovetops with dated heating elements are a major turn-off for buyers. Home chefs are now looking for cooktops without burners. These technological marvels allow you to put a pot anywhere on the surface and still cook efficiently. If your property has this feature, boil some water as a demonstration. This technology has a wow factor for a rapid sale.

Multiple Ovens

A truly versatile kitchen has two ovens, preferably side by side. If you are cooking for a large party, for example, you’ll want to bake the pie while the pot roast is heating up. Even with different temperature needs, your food can be cooked simultaneously. Buyers understand this benefit and see it as a huge selling point.

Use the kitchen as a focal point in selling a home. Even a house with limited square footage can still sell quickly with modern amenities in the kitchen. Look for these features and talk them to your buyers for a better chance at a successful sale.